Social Communication – “Communicate 2.0 – The Art of Communicating in the 21st Century”

Your social status and annual income are related to your ability to communicate. Unfortunately, public speaking is the biggest fear of almost any human being.

Professionals must continually improve their skills as communicators using all the means at their disposal. In addition, they must overcome cultural barriers and mental programs on their way to reaching their professional and personal goals in a globalized world.

Filipe Carrera was considered in 2008 “Most Outstanding Trainer in Europe” and “Most Outstanding Trainer in the World” by JCI. Using his training experience in more than 50 countries on 4 continents, he launched the book Communicate 2.0 – The Art of Communicating in the 21st Century.


•    Multimodal communication.
•    Public speaking.
•    Audience analysis.
•    Dominate resources and support materials.
•    Create interesting and interactive presentations.
•    Sales presentations.
•    Handle difficult situations.
•    Communicate in an international environment.
•    Verbal and nonverbal communication.
•    Multimedia communication.
•    Online videos.
•    Engagement of online and physical audiences.
•    Effectively using video conference tools (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet…).
•    Talking on the phone.
•    Talking to the press.
•    Written communication.
•    Dominating e-mail and instant messaging.
•    Create effective reports and proposals.


•    Keynote: 30 to 90 minutes.
•    Seminar: 1.5 to 3 hours.
•    Workshop: 3 to 12 hours.
•    Action-Training: Customize intervention where the learning experience is created by analyzing and solving real issues.
•    Coaching: Individual approach.