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Today, being competent is not enough: you need market recognition. A professional of excellence cannot be confined to his space, so networking has become indispensable as an intelligent method of managing contact networks.

This book is intended for all professionals who want to push their careers and businesses forward. For this purpose, simple and efficient networking techniques are presented, with the goal of preventing crises and performing a successful personal and business plan. 

Throughout this book, you will find a multitude of examples, situations experienced by the author and by professionals from 18 countries, with; different backgrounds, situations, countries, and cultures illustrating the various tools and techniques presented.

A particular emphasis is given to the use of new technologies in networking, chiefly the tools made available by Web 2.0; within this environment, you can find a Facebook page (Networking– Your Professional Survival Guide) that serves as an interactive space between the reader and the author and provides access to new resources in multiple formats.



Edições Sílabo 2ª Edição 2012
N.º de páginas: 215
Formato: 17 x 24 cm
ISBN: 978-972-618-639-7

Book Reviews (source: Linkedin)

Book Reviews (source: Linkedin)

“I have discovered a very good trainer and specialist in NETWORKING, also a good writer. I read his book every time when I need the base of networking! Thank you Filipe for coming to Iasi, Romania.” Florin Barhalescu, Romania

“Filipe Carrera is a “verdadeiro” professional. His book («Networking – Un ghid de supravietuire pentru profesionisti») offers information useful both to those “new in business” and those who are already “in the field”, but would like to “update their knowledge”. It is written in a professional manner, though easy to read. The book is THE Book, it’s a must read and his training programs – a must attend!” Mihaela Whitney”, Romania.

“Professional trainer, the results after the course are instant, reading his book – Business Networking – , really helped me understand things specifically.” George Sandu, Romania

«By writing about networking based upon web 2.0, Filipe has DONE what so many others were promising they would do. But take a look at what you see there, at his books: clear ideas that really help any professional to ‘guide’ his own steps through this new challenging world, avoiding common mistakes and reaching the wanted results. One should not forget that this is a case of a university teacher, but you will only be able to say it because at the end you will find it was for YOU he was writing, rather than to see his name on the cover of a book, like so many others we see around….” Luís Cochofel, Portugal

“For everyone who is interested in the “world” of Networking, the book written by Filipe (Networking – Guia de Sobrevivência Profissional) is a must. The book is very well written and has a lot of updated information on social & professional networks. More than this, the book helps a lot on matters like: how to work in network and what I have to do to develop my networking capabilities. So Filipe, congratulations and well done!” Carlos Costa Pinto, Portugal