Social Marketing – “Digital Marketing 2.0 – The Marketing on the Social Era”

The digital means are here to stay and we are only in the beginning of a revolution that with challenge us to continuously update and to have a creative approach of a future where the only certain thing is change.

Filipe Carrera, is a professor of Digital Marketing in several universities and coordinator of the Post-Grade leader course in Portugal about Digital Marketing. He wrote a book Marketing Digital na Versão 2.0 (only available in Portuguese).


•   The impact of Digital Marketing on organizations.
•   Permission marketing.
•   E-mail Marketing.
•   Targeted advertising.
•   Social Media: Facebook, Twitter Linkedin, YouTube…
•   Multimedia communication: Podcasting and Vodcasting.
•   Augmented reality.
•   Search Engine Marketing.
•   Google Adwords.
•   Facebook Ads.
•   Public Relations 2.0.
•   Online Reputation Management.
•   Viral Marketing.
•   Mobile Marketing.
•   Crowdsoursing.
•   Evaluation of digital marketing campaigns.


•   Keynote: 30 to 90 minutes.
•   Seminar: 1.5 to 3 hours.
•   Workshop: 3 to 12 hours.
•   Action-Training: Customize intervention where the learning experience is created through the analysis and solving of of real issues.
•   Coaching: Individual approach.