Social Learning – “Knowledge Pills Methodology – Making Knowledge Management Easy and Effective”

More than 80% of what we learn is not a result of traditional training, in a room, with a trainer, trainees, and contents. As human beings, we never lose an opportunity to learn with our peers, but it’s underutilized.

Social Learning is a powerful means of knowledge management that will change the way we see the learning experience forever, going from simple e-Learning to we-Learning. It’s time to prepare!

Filipe Carrera created the Knowledge Pills Methodology in 2003. This simple and effective knowledge management methodology uses multimedia to capture tacit knowledge and allows organizations to:

•    Reduce costs.
•    Increase training effectiveness.
•    Reduce the time needed for training.
•    Enhance the quality of products and services.

The Knowledge Pills Methodology is now a European Project. See videos.


•    Knowledge Pills Methodology.
•    Informal and formal training.
•    Using social networks.
•    Using multimedia to capture tacit knowledge.
•    How implement the Knowledge Pills Methodology in any kind of organization.
•    Improve service to internal and external customers.


•    Keynote: 30 to 90 minutes.
•    Seminar: 1.5 to 3 hours.
•    Workshop: 3 to 12 hours.
•    Action-Training: Customize intervention where the learning experience is created by analyzing and solving real issues.
•    Coaching: Individual approach.