Effective Online Communication: Dynamic Meetings, Engaging Training and Captivating Presentations!

Your Benefits
After this course you will:
•  Engage online audiences in meetings, training, and presentations.
•  Improve your ability to share information.
•  Stand out in online communication.
•  Significantly boost your productivity.

Why this course?
Since the 1990s, I’ve been working remotely, and as a result, I’ve been utilizing cutting-edge technologies to improve meeting, training, and presentation experiences.
I even developed the Knowledge Pills Methodology (KPM), a microlearning methodology, to answer the need for faster and more effective knowledge exchange within enterprises.
During the pandemic, this prior knowledge proved extremely useful, and many individuals began to regard online communication tools as a need.
The issue is that 99% of people create boring communication experiences.
This course will teach you how to stand up utilizing tools you currently have as well as free and basic ones you’d like to have.

What will be covered?
This course is divided into in to 3 modules:

  1. 1- Preparation is Everything
    1. •  Choosing the best communication platform
    2. •  Hardware and software checklist
    3. •  The set up
  2. 2- Create Audience Engagement
    1. •  Tips and tricks for Zoom, Teams and Google Meet
    2. •  How to make more effective meetings
    3. •  The wonder of virtual cameras
  3. 3- Taking it to Next Level with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    1. •  AI for meetings
    2. •  AI for video editing
    3. •  AI for content creation

          To whom is it for?
          This course is intended for professionals who must communicate online in meetings, training, and presentations.
          This training is a requirement if you are a manager, team leader, trainer, salesperson, or speaker.

                  What is the course methodology?
                  This is a hands-on training that includes live classes, practical exercises, video content, and ongoing feedback.
                  The three live events are scheduled one week apart to allow participants to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to their actual professional context.
                  The live sessions are solely recorded for the attendees.

                          When will it take place?
                          The training will begin on February 4 and conclude on February 24.
                          The live sessions will take place from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (CET) on the following days:
                          • February 4 .
                          • February 11.
                          • February 18.

                                  Your investment
                                  The standard price of the entire training is 330 Euros.
                                  If you have a Promocode, you will receive a 70% discount, reducing the price to merely 99 Euros.

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