Inner Leardership - A journey for the leaders we need

About the book

Inner Leadership, A Journey For The Leaders We Need is about the chance to be important and effective regardless of your life experiences. This book is written to inspire others to achieve excellence. Filipe Carrera, a man from Portugal, is often the first person many students, colleagues, journalists, clients, etc., have met that comes from his homeland. That’s part of the reason he’s made it his mission to share his stories and create meaningful connections with others. This book details how he’s made it his journey to further grow and foster new relationships and new memories.

After a journey with friends in Romania, Filipe begins his goal of building emotional bridges with people from other places, whom he may have never met without travel. To his surprise, Filipe was received with the utmost kindness and generosity, because his new friends were grateful for his sharing of stories and life experiences. It was then that Filipe realized the worth of narration and tale so that we can connect with one another and create an emotional bridge to understand one another.

This book essentially exposes the necessities of human connection and storytelling, whether that be with kings, prophets, battles, or common folk, all supporting one another in their mission to achieve their highest goals. What this leads him to uncover is that every human being holds a divine understanding of themselves and the universe. And this book covers the vast differences that religions often do not discuss. Although Filipe is not religious himself, he is a believer in the truth of the universe and wants to share his discoveries with his readers. This book is about looking inward and seeing what we all truly have in common.


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Independently published
N.º of pages: 138
Format: 6 x 0.32 x 9 in
ISBN: 979-8434774093